Investor FAQs

Where do you lend?

Only in California and mostly in the greater San Francsico Bay Area.

Since these properties are located in our “own back yard,” we are able to visit and evaluate each one in-person and get to know the buyers, owners and business people with whom we are working. We feel that there is no substitute for that kind of first-hand knowledge.

Guided by experience, we carefully consider select properties based on in-depth analysis of their quality and location. Typically the properties we lend on have:

  • Good income and potential for appreciation
  • Excellent protective equity
  • A vibrant and diversified economic base
  • A dynamic and growing population

What is Trust Deed Investing?

Simply put, trust deed investing is the loaning of money to an individual or company using real estate as collateral. The collateral is secured by a deed of trust recorded in your name and with full Title Insurance. Done properly, it can be a highly secure investment, offering high monthly income with transparent and quantifiable risk.